1. ​Initial project assessment and recommendations
  2. Help securing any required permits
  3. Pre-dredge survey

Aquatic Vegetation Management

Are you looking for immediate results without the use of chemicals?  We offer aquatic vegetation removal using an amphibious tool carrier that can cut, rake, and remove unwanted plants, algae and debris. We also offer diver assisted suction harvesting services which works well around swim areas and docks / piers. 

Much like shoreline erosion, unmanaged aquatic plants can also be a contributor to sedimentation through a process known as eutrophication. As plants die off each season they fall to the bottom and decay. Over a period of time the decaying plants become much like a compost trapping nutrients in the water which fuel the growth of next seasons aquatic plants.

Erosion Control & Shoreline Restoration

Shoreline erosion is not only an eyesore, but can be a potential hazard to those walking around the edges of the water.  In many cases shoreline erosion is a primary contributor to sedimentation. Over a period of time the soil is washed into the pond/lake through storm water runoff. If erosion is causing you to lose precious land, we have solutions.

Sediment Removal

Envirodredge uses portable, hydraulic dredges to remove sediment from your water.  The hydraulic dredge floats on the water acting like a giant vacuum cleaner pumping sediment materials through a temporary pipeline to a pre-determined location where it is dewatered.  With portable hydraulic dredging, there is minimal disturbance to the surrounding landscape or environment because there is only one trip to the shoreline to launch the dredge.  We even have a rubber tracked amphibious dredge that can be driven directly into the water, which is great for projects with limited access.  After the sediment is fully dewatered it can then be hauled away or in some cases repurposed onsite as fertile, organic topsoil.



We understand that many people are not familiar with the intricacies of projects like dredging, nor do they want to be.  That’s where we come in.  We can help shorten the learning curve and assist with your project from initial planning, permitting and budgeting to project completion.  Envirodredge offers consulting services for property owners who want help planning and successfully implementing their project.

  1. Sediment mapping
  2. Project proposals and presentations
  3. Budget and allocation recommendations

Consulting services include: