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Over time, all ponds and lakes begin to fill with sediment. Industrial ponds are no different, but because their purpose is to treat waste, their life span is often much shorter and highly regulated. Industrial ponds come in many shapes and sizes and serve just as many needs. Fire control ponds, cooling ponds, and waste lagoons can be found in mining, manufacturing, power plants, food processing plants, pulp/paper plants, and more. The one thing they all have in common: they all fill with sediment or solid waste and must be cleaned. The accumulation of this waste reduces the water holding capacity of the pond, affecting availability of water and productivity of the operation.

Benefits of the Envirodredge process:

  • No damage to pond liners.
  • No need to take your pond offline while dredging, so no interruption to your daily operation.
  • You can dredge any time. With the use of geotextile containment bags, water is immediately filtered back to the lagoon for continued use, and sediment is contained in the bags to further dewater/dry and consolidate/reduce in volume, so there is less to dispose.


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