We take great pride in RESTORING PONDS AND LAKES!

We pride ourselves in the personal attention and quality service that we provide our clients, regardless of the project size.

ENVIROdredge can provide you with the best possible solution for your sediment or aquatic plant removal project at an affordable price and will work closely with your management team to insure that our service compliments the overall management goals of the waterway. 


Contact us today to discuss the overview of your project. Based on the phone consultation, we will then schedule a personal visit to the project site. After the site visit we will provide you with a custom proposal that fits your budget.

Our amphibious tool carrier referred to as the "tank" offers the latest technology in pond and lake maintenance.  We can now remove invasive aquatic plants or "weeds" without the use of chemicals. With an assortment of quick connect aquatic tools we can offer same day results.

We offer an environmentally friendly approach to sediment removal that doesn't require draining your waterway or relocating aquatic life. Our portable sediment removal system performs in places that are simply inaccessible to conventional mechanical dredging equipment.



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