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Complete Sediment Management Solutions

ENVIROdredge is a dredging company in Texas that specializes in sediment removal and aquatic plant management for lakes, ponds, and waterways throughout the United States. We pride ourselves on the personal attention and quality service that we provide our clients, regardless of your pond dredging project size.

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Sediment management solutions

Sediment management solutions

The ENVIROdredge team has the experience and variety of equipment necessary to help design a remediation plan that best suits your specific needs. We’re ready to guide you through the entire Texas pond dredging process from planning and permitting through successful completion. We provide dredging, sediment removal, dewatering, plant management, and a variety of other services critical for lake, pond, and waterway cleaning.

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Our Process

  • Initial contact to discuss your sediment management or aquatic plant management project
  • Review of your project
  • Cost estimate provided based on information provided
  • Scheduling a site survey if estimate is within your budget
  • During the site survey, we will fully evaluate the project and provide a solid work plan along with a firm quote
  • Signed service agreement
  • Permitting
  • Scheduling
  • Mobilization
  • Completed project – HAPPY CUSTOMERS
  • Ongoing communication and Follow-Up – The ENVIROdredge team wants to be your long term sediment removal and aquatic plant management partner

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Sediment Management Solutions

ENVIROdredge will provide you with the best possible sediment removal and pond dredging solutions for your project at an affordable price. We’ll work closely with your management team to ensure that our water cleaning services compliment the overall management goals of the waterway. When you’re ready to learn more, contact us to request a quote on our services or to schedule a site survey today.

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Customer Reviews

Sediment management solutions customer reviews
  •  I was very pleased with your whole operation, you are blessed to have a good group that cares about going that “extra mile”. I appreciate your team working as late as they did. I feel I have a brand new pond because of everyone’s efforts. I passed on my pleasant experience to the person who recommended you. Thanks so much.  

    Bill Walker Jr
  •  The Millbrook Addition HOA community is very pleased with Envirodrege’s removal of silt and sediment from a portion of our canal. Very knowledgeable of their work and easy to work with from start to finish.  

    Katheryn Houston Arlington, TX
  •  My tank was covered with cattails. Steve sent Matt and Jordan to clean it. In 2 1/2 days it was beautiful. Lots of huge piles of cattails. The Government employees for the Farm Service Office came to watch. They were impressed! The “boat” is so interesting to watch. I will call Steve again, before the cattails get so out of hand.  

    Lyn Yater Stanton, TX
  •  Your team did a terrific job. They respected the landscaping and did no discernable harm. They informed us daily of the activity that would be performed. The result was much better than I anticipated given the amount of dredging in a landscaped backyard. I think that your service is a unique one and I expect to use your services again in the future.  

    Tom Roeser - Carpentersville, IL
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