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Complete Sediment Management Solutions

ENVIROdredge is a dredging company in Texas that specializes in sediment removal and aquatic plant management for lakes, ponds, and waterways throughout the United States. We pride ourselves on the personal attention and quality service that we provide our clients, regardless of your pond dredging project size.

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Sediment management solutions

Sediment management solutions

The ENVIROdredge team has the experience and variety of equipment necessary to help design a remediation plan that best suits your specific needs. We’re ready to guide you through the entire Texas pond dredging process from planning and permitting through successful completion. We provide dredging, sediment removal, dewatering, plant management, and a variety of other services critical for lake, pond, and waterway cleaning.

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Our Process

  • Initial contact to discuss your sediment management or aquatic plant management project
  • Review of your project
  • Cost estimate provided based on information provided
  • Scheduling a site survey if estimate is within your budget
  • During the site survey, we will fully evaluate the project and provide a solid work plan along with a firm quote
  • Signed service agreement
  • Permitting
  • Scheduling
  • Mobilization
  • Completed project – HAPPY CUSTOMERS
  • Ongoing communication and Follow-Up – The ENVIROdredge team wants to be your long term sediment removal and aquatic plant management partner

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Sediment Management Solutions

ENVIROdredge will provide you with the best possible sediment removal and pond dredging solutions for your project at an affordable price. We’ll work closely with your management team to ensure that our water cleaning services compliment the overall management goals of the waterway. When you’re ready to learn more, contact us to request a quote on our services or to schedule a site survey today.

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Customer Reviews

Sediment management solutions customer reviews
  •  I was fortunate enough to find Steve Perry, owner of ENVIROdredge out of New Summerfield, Texas. Steve has state of the art equipment to do everything that I needed to have done in order to remove 30 years’ worth of accumulated silt and remove huge amounts of aquatic vegetation. He and his team have worked jobs throughout the United States (most recently the Dallas Country Club, Brookhollow Golf Club (Dallas) and Burning Tree Country Club in Greenwich, CT). I highly recommend Steve Perry and his ENVIROdredge team. 

    S. McCord
  •  Envirodredge was contracted to use a dredging process to recover silty fine sand from a shallow water cove in an east Texas lake. The overall results achieved by the dredging effort were exceptional and far exceeded my expectations regarding both the timeliness of work and cost effectiveness. The Envirodredge field crew consistently displayed a high level of technical expertise and their overall professionalism was exemplary. The total experience was on the highest order, and I confidently offer a positive recommendation for the use of Envirodredge when shallow water dredging is required. 

    H. Clay Castleberry
  •  After two years of unsuccessfully searching for someone to help us replace our lake's rusty, leaking overflow pipe, we finally found Mr. Perry and his experienced team. They came in, evaluated the problem, drew a plan, and implemented it with outstanding efficiency and speed. Communication was excellent and the price was very reasonable. We will certainly call on these guys again if the need arises and would definitely recommend them for your lake, pond, or other water issues.  

    C. Encarnacion
  •  Steve Perry with Envirodredge was a miracle for our HOA. We wanted to resolve the pond sledge and growth in the first of our three ponds without having a great deal of mess and costs. With a limited budget, Steve came up with a solution that was not only less costly, but also with little to no mess!! As promised he showed up at appointed meetings and explained to the board of our HOA what was involved and the time frame. He estimated that it would take 4 to 5 days after he set up the containment area (took two days the week before to set up the containment area) to complete the dredge work. In reality it only took three days of dredging and with cleanup and prep work, they were in on Monday and our early Friday. On budget, on time, and a beautiful pond afterwards. Our HOA could not be happier. The pictures speak for themselves!!  

    C. Ewert
  •  In May 2018 I contacted Steve Perry with ENVIROdredge about dredging my 2 ponds. He came to my site and we discussed the game plan. It was a difficult task due to the unknown debris in the water. Steve and his crew did a great job removing all of the debris and organic sediment from the ponds. I was very impressed by all the work Steve and his crew accomplished. I now have 2 beautiful ponds!  

    Richard Graves, Clinton IL
  •  The Fountain Hills Homeowners Association engaged Steve Perry and his company, ENVIROdredge, to remove sediment from our common area pond. The pond is approximately 1 acre in size and had accumulated sediment to a depth of 2 1/2 to 3 feet over its 45year life. Steve and his crew arrived on site on a Tuesday morning and left town the following Tuesday morning with their work complete. We were extremely pleased with the result. The crew was very professional and kept the area clean and well organized the entire time, continually keeping me and the neighbors advised of the progress and the process. Several of the 24 neighbors did not know they were even there. Steve let us know what to expect and left us with a thorough explanation of things we would need to complete once the sediment was fully consolidated and dry. As President of the Fountain Hills Homeowners Association I am delighted to recommend ENVIROdredge for any dredging and or pond management project they may pursue.  

    William B. Livingston, AIA President Fountain Hills Homeowners Association, Inc., Wichita, KS
  •  Your team did a terrific job. They respected the landscaping and did no discernable harm. They informed us daily of the activity that would be performed. The result was much better than I anticipated given the amount of dredging in a landscaped backyard. I think that your service is a unique one and I expect to use your services again in the future.  

    Tom Roeser - Carpentersville, IL
  •   Steve & Tammy - On behalf of the Twin Lakes Improvement Association, I want to thank you and your crew for coming to North Idaho to help complete our dredging project that we've been working on for 5 years to get done. We look forward to next summer to enjoying the results of our collective effort this fall to improve navigation between our two lakes and reduce phosphorus loading to the lake simultaneously. Thanks to Matt & Colby and the rest of the crew for working hard to get the job done and putting up with my daily directions on what I wanted done. They patiently went about doing what I asked. I heard several comments on how polite the workers were. So we were able to deepen the main channel throughout to an approximate depth of 7 feet and include deepening the side channel like we hoped we could get done and clear sediment from in front of the boat launch dock. And get it all done within the estimated cubic yardage for the project. Thanks Again, for a Great Job!  

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