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Plant Removal & Management

Vegetation is a natural part of any pond, lake, or other body of water. However, if that vegetation is left unchecked, the results can be seriously damaging to the health and natural beauty of your water. That’s why aquatic plant management services from a company like ENVIROdredge can be incredibly beneficial for the value and enjoyment you receive from your water body.

At ENVIROdredge, we have a deep understanding of what makes for healthy, proper vegetation levels in a Texas pond or lake. We know that every body of water has its own unique environmental factors that lead to different types of aquatic plant dominance and proliferation. With a proper understanding of how to manage a pond in Texas, we can help you foster a healthier ecosystem for your pond that will prove beneficial to the water, fish, and the plants themselves.

Are you looking for immediate results without the use of chemicals?  We offer aquatic vegetation removal using an amphibious tool carrier that can cut, rake, and remove unwanted plants, algae and debris. We also offer diver assisted suction harvesting services which works well around swim areas and docks / piers.

Much like shoreline erosion, unmanaged aquatic plants can also be a contributor to sedimentation through a process known as eutrophication. As plants die off each season they fall to the bottom and decay. Over a period of time the decaying plants become much like a compost trapping nutrients in the water which fuel the growth of next seasons aquatic plants.

Once we identify the proper strategy for treating your pond or lake, we can then implement a plan to rid it of harmful plant life and chemicals. We’ll guide you along every step of the process to ensure you receive the most cost effective and desirable results possible.  Plus, ENVIROdredge can now remove invasive aquatic plants without harmful chemicals. If you're concerned about using herbicides and want same day results, we've got the solution.

Our state of the art equipment can cut, rake, and remove your aquatic weeds and debris, leaving you with water that is aesthetically pleasing and easier to maintain. Our equipment completely removes the aquatic plant material from the waterway reducing the long term effects of eutrophication.


  • Immediate, same day results
  • No damage to grass when launching
  • No risk of killing fish as with chemical treatment
  • Great for areas with limited access
  • Reduces the long term effects of eutrophication

Our amphibious tool carrier referred to as the "tank," is actually more like a "water tractor" with several quick detach implements that are specifically designed for ponds and lakes. The weight of the machine combined with the paddle track technology has low ground pressure and can be driven directly off the trailer and into the water, leaving very little ruts, if any. This is perfect for places that are particularly hard to access or for places where the maintenance of the landscape is super important.

During any project, we are extra sensitive to the aesthetic and environmental issues associated with residential and recreational aquatic areas. We ensure our work areas are clean and well-maintained. Our low profile process leaves a very light footprint in environmentally sensitive areas.

For more information on our aquatic plant removal and management services, contact the team at ENVIROdredge today.