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Aquatic Plant Management

Why is the vegetation so hard to manage?

Two words: Nutrient overload. Excess nutrients in the water will lead to an increase in plant growth and algae blooms and will degrade water quality and oxygen levels. Most nutrients enter the water via organic materials such as decaying plants, leaves and grass. However, rain water runoff also carries nutrient rich sediment and fertilizers from lawns, crops and pastures. This nutrient rich sediment in your water is a hotbed for plant and algae growth.

Can the aquatic vegetation be managed by removal alone?

Yes, however, you must consider overall management goals and the costs involved. Aquatic weeds can be removed for instant results and can be managed with routine maintenance removal. You may also consider dredging, if needed, to rid your water of the nutrient rich sediments that are contributing to your problem.

What type of equipment will be used?

We have an amphibious tool carrier that has a variety of attachments including an underwater weed cutter to remove aquatic vegetation below the water surface, a clamshell bucket for removing heavier debris, and an 11’ hydro rake for floating vegetation.

How much will the equipment impact my landscape or surrounding environment?

Our amphibious tool carrier referred to as the "tank," is actually more like a "water tractor" with several quick detach implements specifically designed for pond and lake management activities. The weight of the machine combined with the paddle track technology has low ground pressure and can be driven directly off the trailer and into your water, leaving very little (if any) ground disturbance.  This is idea for places that are particularly hard to access or for places where the maintenance of landscape is of upmost importance.

How much does aquatic vegetation removal cost?

The total costs associated with aquatic vegetation removal can vary depending on your project size, type of aquatic plants, and disposal options. We will gladly visit with you about the scope of your project and can do a site visit to provide you with cost estimates.

I have a small project. Do you have a minimum project size?

No project is too large or too small, and we do not have a minimum project size. We like to evaluate each project individually and see how we can help.

Do I need a permit?

Some projects do require permitting, and we can assist you in the permitting process. Permit requirements usually depend on location of your project and the existence of exotic invasive species.

What do we do with the vegetation once it’s removed?

Placement and disposal of the aquatic plants may depend on your available land or space resources and permit requirements (if permits are required). Like sediment that is removed from waterways, this aquatic vegetation can be nutrient rich and can be used as a fertilizer or compost. The only factor to consider in choosing a disposal site, is making sure that it cannot make its way back to your water.

For more information about our aquatic plant management services, contact a representative from ENVIROdredge today.