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Sediment Management Solutions

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Thank you for your interest in the sediment removal solutions provided by ENVIROdredge. We are industry leaders in the field of Texas lake dredging, Texas pond dredging, aquatic plant management, consulting services, commercial diving, and more. We are eager to provide you with exemplary customer service as we perform work that will keep your lakes, ponds, water features, and lagoons healthy and beautiful for years to come. If you have questions about our sediment management process, contact us today for an initial consultation and free quote.

Pre-Dredging Site Survey

Before the lake or pond dredging process begins, it’s critical your water body undergoes a pre-dredging site survey. While performing the site survey, our professional sediment management experts will:

  • Study the sediment in your lake or pond to determine the original bottom
  • Take samples of sediment and perform analyses
  • Analyze grain size
  • Perform sediment settling column tests
  • Perform environmental constituent testing

Once we are thoroughly satisfied with the pre-dredging process, our team can then begin crafting a detailed dredging plan that suits your location’s needs. If you’d like to schedule a site survey on your lake, pond, lagoon, or other waterway anywhere in Texas, California, or elsewhere in the United States, contact ENVIROdredge today.