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At ENVIROdredge, we understand that the general public may not be familiar with the intricacies of our work. Texas pond and lake dredging, environmental consulting, muck removal solutions, dewatering, and our other offerings are fairly complicated and highly specific. That’s where we come in – our goal is to help shorten the learning curve and assist you along every step of your project. From initial planning to acquiring permits, budgeting, all the way to completion, we’ll ensure you successfully implement your next sediment management project.

Lake & Pond Dredging Services

ENVIROdredge specializes in providing cost effective solutions for removing sediment accumulation (also known as muck) from ponds, lakes, lagoons, storm water basins, canals, channels, and small marinas for both residential and commercial clients. We are committed to environmentally friendly sediment removal through hydraulic dredging techniques and work throughout Texas, California, and elsewhere in the United States.

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Dewatering Services

We perform our dewatering services throughout the United States, working with our clients to help them determine their goals, develop specific site plans, and exceed their expectations for every dredge dewatering project. We have extensive experience with various means and methods for dewatering and solidifying sediment and sludge, putting to use our high quality equipment to effectively management dewatering projects of all shapes and sizes.

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Consulting Services

ENVIROdredge is committed to providing our clients with an unparalleled level of professional expertise on all lake and pond consulting projects. Our expert consulting services enable us to provide initial project assessments and recommendations, budget and allocation recommendations, proposals and presentations, and more after we perform initial pre-dredge surveys and sediment mapping. We’ll then help you secure any required permits to complete your pond consulting and remediation or lake consulting and remediation job.


Aquatic Plant Management Services

When you need immediate results without the use of harmful chemicals in your waterways, ponds, lakes, and lagoons, ENVIROdredge is proud to offer safe and effective aquatic plant removal services. By making use of our amphibious tool carriers that can cut, rake, and remove unwanted aquatic plants, algae, and debris, we can remove decaying or invading plant life to fuel the growth for the next season of aquatic vegetation.


Commercial Diving Services

Our commercial diving services are focused on cleaning irrigation wells, intake screens, irrigation pumps, and more for ponds, lakes, and water features on commercial properties. Through the use of handheld suction dredging, our divers will perform superior Texas pond dredging and cleanup services on golf courses and other commercial properties. The diving crew at ENVIROdredge also performs tree log debris removal in ponds and lakes after logging operations.


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For more information on our complete range of sediment management solutions, check out our individual service pages or review our Frequently Asked Questions page. To speak with a representative from ENVIROdredge or to schedule a site survey of your property, contact us today.

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