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Complete Sediment Management

Pond sediment buildup and excessive aquatic plant growth make ponds ugly and unhealthy. ENVIROdredge is here to help. Our Tyler, TX, dredging company removes sediment and manages water plants for all sorts of industries. We aim to keep your body of water healthy and looking great so that you can enjoy it to the fullest.

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Sediment Removal & Management Services

  • Lake & Pond Dredging in Tyler, TX

    Over time, sediment buildup can choke the life out of your water body, leading to murky water and poor aquatic life.

    Keep your water body healthy with our hydraulic dredging services. Our advanced pump systems efficiently remove sediment and pond silt without harming your water body's appearance.

    Whether you own a small private pond or a large lake, our Tyler, TX, dredging contractors restore depth and revive your lake or pond to its natural beauty.

  • Dewatering in Tyler, TX

    Excess water creates unstable ground, equipment damage, and safety risks.

    Manage water levels effectively with our dewatering systems like:

    • Geotextile Tubes
    • Settling Basins
    • Mechanical Dewatering

    Whether you’re dealing with groundwater infiltration or seasonal rains, our Tyler, TX, dewatering company has years of experience creating solutions for commercial and residential clients.

  • Aquatic Plant Management in Tyler, TX

    Excessive aquatic plant growth leads to all sorts of problems, from obstructed water flow to habitat degradation for fish and wildlife.

    Maintain a balanced ecosystem with lake & pond weed management. We have the right tools for lake and pond weed control. Our amphibious machine can cut, rake, and remove unwanted growth. Our diver-assisted suction harvesting is gentle yet effective for shoreline weed control and sensitive areas like swimming spots and docks.

    Our goal is to remove plants and promote long-term aquatic health.

  • Commercial Diving in Tyler, TX

    When it comes to tackling sediment issues in lakes, ponds, and waterways, sometimes you have to dive in - literally.

    Our Tyler, TX, commercial scuba diving services are tailored to commercial properties, focusing on cleaning:

    • Irrigation Wells
    • Intake Screens
    • Irrigation Pumps
    • And More

    Using handheld suction dredging techniques, our experienced divers excel in dredging and cleanup tasks that keep your body of water in Tyler, TX, crystal clear.

Lake & Pond Consulting Services

Get the right advice if you’re planning a hydraulic dredging project for your lake or pond in Tyler, TX, with our consulting services. We guide you through every phase of the dredging process, making sure your project goes smoothly from start to finish.

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Markets We Serve

Markets we serve
  • Public/private ponds & lakes

    Public/private ponds & lakes

  • Golf courses

    Golf Courses

  • HOA's


  • Municipalities


  • Wastewater treatment facilities

    Wastewater treatment facilities

  • Industrial


  • Waste Ponds


  • Lagoons


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Benefits of Pond or Lake Services

  • Improved Water Quality: Pond and lake dredging services and plant control clear the water and reduce algae growth, creating a healthier aquatic ecosystem.
  • Optimized Water Depth: Sediment removal and lake and pond dredging services keep water levels right for fish and recreational activities like swimming.
  • Safety and Accessibility: Clearing debris and controlling vegetation overgrowth keeps swimmers, boaters, and wildlife safer.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Meeting water standards and safety rules helps protect the environment and ensures legal compliance.
  • Property Value: Well-kept lakes and ponds boost property values and make homes, businesses, and parks more attractive.
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Why Choose ENVIROdredge?

Expert Marine Contractors

Whether you have a private lake or an industrial wastewater lagoon, we have the water management skills to keep it healthy.

Cutting-Edge Tech

We use advanced equipment to do the job efficiently without harming your water body. Our methods ensure great results while being mindful of the environment.

Tailored Approach

Your waterbody is unique, and we treat it that way. ENVIROdredge crafts solutions that fit your specific challenges, ensuring the best outcome for your project.

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Schedule A Pre-Dredging Site Survey

At ENVIROdredge, we believe in efficient and professional work. That's why we conduct a detailed pre-dredging site survey before we begin dredging your Tyler lake or pond.

Contact us today for safe types of dredging methods in Tyler, TX.