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During the course of hydraulic dredging operations, water is pumped at high velocity through pipelines to carry sediment and gunk out of your lake, golf course pond, or other body of water to a distant location. Once the water and sediment reach the new destination, the water has to be separated from the sediment to complete the project. This process is known as dewatering and can be performed in a variety of ways. ENVIROdredge provides three core methods of dewatering to successfully complete all dredging projects for its clients throughout the United States.

Dewatering Methods


Through the use of geotextile tubes, the slurry of water and muck removed from your water body are pumped into a number of large geosynthetic bags or tubes that can reach up to 300 feet in length. The clean water used to pump the sediment through the temporary pipelines is then filtered out through the geotextile membrane. These geotextile tubes can be used for the construction of structures like breakwaters, islands, and more. The geotextile tube dewatering technique is often used in neighborhoods with HOAs and golf courses because it is cost efficient.


By constructing temporary settling basins, the solid materials removed from your pond are collected in a basin and the water is returned to your pond or continues downstream. Once the material dries, it can be transported to other sites to be utilized for a vast range of purposes. Since most materials removed in the dredging process of ponds, lakes, and water are rich in nutrients, these materials can be used for high quality topsoil and other environmentally friendly purposes.


Mechanical dewatering is the most time efficient method for dewatering, but is often the most expensive. Through the use of belt presses, hydro cyclones, shaker screens, filter presses, or a combination thereof, ENVIROdredge is able to perform mechanical dewatering services. Because of how rapid and convenient mechanical dewatering can be ideal for municipalites, and upscale real estate operations. This is often the preferred option on many large scale projects.

For more information about dewatering services and the beneficial applications of the sediment recovered after hydraulic dredging services are performed, contact ENVIROdredge today.

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