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HOA Is Responsible for Storm Water Compliance

If you live in a Homeowner’s Association (HOA) community, odds are good that you have a pond or lake nearby. HOA ponds are storm water ponds, either wet or dry, placed intentionally by the community developer for both their usefulness and aesthetic appeal.

But even if the pond or lake in your community does little more... More

Remedy For A Water Treatment Facility

Horseshoe Bay, TX is a small community about 45 miles northwest of Austin.  Known as a resort and retirement community, Horseshoe Bay is recognized as one of the top golf destinations in America per Golf Magazine.  Because it is in the central Texas Hill Country and right on the banks of Lake... More

Maintaining a Community

Maintaining a Community

The ponds and lakes around the greater Houston area add a beautiful dimension to the communities and to the city as a whole.  And while these community lakes are aesthetically pleasing,... More

Taking the “Dred” Out of Dredging

Land and Water - Taking the DRED out of Dredging.pdf

Dredging is always such a “dreaded”word. The word dredging typicallyinduces images of heavy machinerycrushing the surrounding landscape, roadways that are rutted and muddy, and theodor of organic material that can’t be forgotten soon enough. But dredging doesn’talways require draining the pond or lakeand destroying aquatic... More