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What type of equipment will be used?

Because each lake or pond dredging project is unique in circumstances, we employ a variety of techniques to remove your unwanted sediment and/or vegetation. Our equipment and experience ranges from portable hydraulic dredges to amphibious dredges and mechanical equipment. It is most important to choose a method that is best suited to your project goals and conditions. If we don’t have the best method for your situation, we will make other recommendations. We travel throughout the United States every single month including Connecticut, Pennsylvania, California, Georgia and more.

How much does dredging cost?

The costs associated with Texas lake and pond dredging can have many parameters such as size of project, dredging method, dewatering method, disposal of dredged material, and so on. We will gladly visit with you about the scope of your project and can do a site visit to provide you with cost estimates.

How much will dredging impact my landscape or surrounding environment?

Our hydraulic sediment removal process leaves little or no ground disturbance. Our equipment is launched from the shoreline and driven directly into the water.
If using dewatering tubes, there will be a designated area for the tubes to lie until dewatered. After debris is hauled away, the site can be restored and seeded for grass or sodded. The size of the geotextile tube area will depend on the amount of sediment to be removed. The geotextile tubes come in various lengths and can be customized for your project.

I have a small project. Do you have a minimum project size?

No Texas lake or pond dredging project is too large or too small, and we do not have a minimum project size. We like to evaluate each project individually and see how we can help.

I may not understand all the facets of dredging. Will you guide us through the process?

The process can be overwhelming from concept to completion, but we will be there to guide you through the process from planning to successful completion. Some things we will help you consider and offer solutions for:

  • Do you need permits?
  • Which method of sediment removal will work best for my circumstances?
  • How and where will the dredged material be contained?
  • Upon completion, will the material be re-used or disposed?

Do I need a permit?

Some dredge company projects do require permitting, and we can assist you in the permitting process. Permit requirements may depend on size, location, or other factors of your project and may include state, local, and federal permits.

Where does the sediment go when it leaves the water?

Sediment removal in Texas can be handled in any number of ways depending on permit requirements, available space, and your personal needs. Whatever the process you choose, we take care that proper erosion control methods are maintained throughout the process so that none of the sediment is inadvertently returned to your waterway.

For more information regarding our lake dredging and pond dredging services throughout the United States, contact a representative from ENVIROdredge today.