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Sediment Management Solutions

Pond silt buildup and unmanaged aquatic plants eventually choke the life out of your pond or lake. They even make your waterbody unsafe for plants and animals.

At ENVIROdredge, we manage pond and lake sediment through targeted solutions. Our Longview, TX, dredging company ensures the health and beauty of lakes and ponds across various industries. We tackle sediment issues at their source through advanced technology and a holistic approach while minimizing environmental impact.

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Complete Sediment Removal & Management Services

  • Lake & Pond Dredging in Longview, TX

    Don’t let sediment buildup suffocate your lake or pond.

    Our hydraulic dredging services keep your aquatic environments healthy and beautiful. We use advanced dredging pump systems and safe types of dredging methods to remove excess sediment. This restores your lake or pond's depth, clarity, and quality.

    From small private ponds to expansive lakes, trust our Longview, TX, dredging contractors to restore your waterbody's natural beauty.

  • Dewatering in Longview, TX

    Whether it’s managing wastewater or optimizing industrial processes, separating the water from the soil is key to finishing the job right.

    Our Longview, TX, dewatering company uses advanced dewatering systems like:

    • Geotextile Tubes
    • Settling Basins
    • Mechanical Dewatering

    By optimizing dewatering processes, our marine contractors help you cut waste and recover resources better.

  • Aquatic Plant Management in Longview, TX

    Keeping aquatic plants in check is super important for keeping your water ecosystem healthy.

    Our lake and pond weed management company in Longview, TX, uses specialized tools for lake and pond weed control. Our amphibious machine cuts and rakes excessive growth and then removes it. We also use diver-assisted suction harvesting for shoreline weed control and management in sensitive areas. 

    Contact ENVIROdredge to keep your water body healthy with lake and pond weed control.

  • Commercial Diving in Longview, TX

    Sediment management problems sometimes require a hands-on approach - literally. From lakes and reservoirs to waterways, our Longview, TX commercial divers handle sediment management projects like:

    • Irrigation Wells
    • Intake Screens
    • Irrigation Pumps
    • And More

    We use specialized equipment and handheld suction dredging techniques to ensure optimal water depth and quality.

    Partner with our commercial diving company in Longview, TX, to keep your waterways clean, safe, and thriving.

Lake & Pond Consulting Services

If you’re planning a lake or pond hydraulic dredging project, contact ENVIROdredge Longview, TX, marine contractors. We walk you through the dredging process so your project is seamless from beginning to end.

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Markets We Serve

Markets we serve
  • Public/private ponds & lakes

    Public/private ponds & lakes

  • Golf courses

    Golf Courses

  • HOA's


  • Municipalities


  • Wastewater treatment facilities

    Wastewater treatment facilities

  • Industrial


  • Waste Ponds


  • Lagoons


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How To Keep Your Water Body Healthy

  • Regular Cleanups: Remove trash and debris to prevent pollution and maintain water quality.
  • Controlled Nutrient Input: Minimize fertilizer use near the water to prevent nutrient runoff, which can cause algae blooms and oxygen depletion.
  • Control Invasive Species: Remove invasive plants and animals to preserve native biodiversity and ecosystem balance.
  • Get Professional Sediment Management Services: Contact ENVIROdredge about our lake and pond dredging services that treat your waterbody’s specific needs.
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Why Choose ENVIROdredge?

Proven Track Record

With a history of successful dredging projects across Texas and the United States, ENVIROdredge has earned a reputation for delivering high-quality results.

Comprehensive Services

From initial consultation and planning to execution, ENVIROdredge provides end-to-end sediment management services.

Customized Solutions

Each dredging project is unique, and ENVIROdredge tailors its solutions to meet your water body's specific needs and challenges, ensuring optimal results.

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Schedule A Pre-Dredging Site Survey

We're all about efficient and professional work at ENVIROdredge. That's why we do a detailed pre-dredging site survey before we dive into dredging your Longview lake or pond.

Reach out to our pond and lake dredging company in Longview, TX.