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Sediment Management Solutions

If pond silt accumulates and aquatic plants are left to run wild, the quality of your water body will quickly deteriorate, posing risks to the ecosystem.

Contact ENVIROdredge for strategic pond silt removal from ponds and lakes. Our Austin, TX, dredging company manages sediment using advanced technology and a careful approach. We tackle sediment problems while keeping environmental impact low.

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Complete Sediment Removal & Management Services

  • Lake & Pond Dredging in Austin, TX

    As pond silt builds up and aquatic plants take over, your pond or lake can suffer. It becomes unsafe for plants and animals.

    That's where ENVIROdredge comes in. Our pond and lake dredging company for Austin, TX, manages sediment in lakes and ponds.

    Our dredging contractors use advanced dredging pumps systems and careful dredging methods to keep the environmental impact low.

  • Dewatering in Austin, TX

    In the realm of dewatering, efficiency is key to completing dredging projects on time.

    ENVIROdewater offers three dewatering methods:

    • Geotextile Tubes
    • Settling Basins
    • Mechanical Dewatering

    Whether it’s for your golf course pond or wastewater treatment facility, trust our Austin, TX, dewatering company to deliver fast and effective dewatering solutions for your dredging projects.

  • Aquatic Plant Management in Austin, TX

    Maintaining a healthy balance of aquatic plants is key for a thriving water ecosystem.

    Our Austin, TX, lake and pond weed management company tackles lake weed management with specialized tools.

    Our amphibious machine expertly cuts and rakes excessive growth before removing it. We also use diver-assisted suction harvesting for precise shoreline weed control in sensitive areas.

    Reach out to ENVIROdredge to ensure your water body stays healthy with professional pond and lake weed control. Let us help your aquatic environment flourish.

  • Commercial Diving in Austin, TX

    Sometimes, sediment buildup needs a more hands-on solution to tackle the issue effectively.

    From lakes and reservoirs to waterways, our commercial divers for Austin, TX, handle all types of sediment management projects like:

    • Irrigation Wells
    • Intake Screens
    • Irrigation Pumps
    • And More

    We use specialized equipment and handheld suction dredging techniques to ensure optimal water depth and quality, promoting a clean, safe, and thriving aquatic environment.

    Contact our commercial diving company for Austin, TX, today.

Lake & Pond Consulting Services for Austin

If you’re planning a hydraulic dredging project for your lake or pond, contact ENVIROdredge. Our Austin, TX, marine contractors walk you through the entire process making sure your sediment or pond weed control project runs smoothly.

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Markets We Serve

Markets we serve
  • Public/private ponds & lakes

    Public/private ponds & lakes

  • Golf courses

    Golf Courses

  • HOA's


  • Municipalities


  • Wastewater treatment facilities

    Wastewater treatment facilities

  • Industrial


  • Waste Ponds


  • Lagoons


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How To Keep Your Lake or Pond Healthy

Enhance Oxygenation: Enhancing your water bodies' oxygen levels prevents stagnant water conditions, which can lead to fish kills and algae blooms.

Conduct Maintenance: Take the time to inspect your waterbody and remove any debris and trash.

Watch Nutrient Levels: Use fertilizers sparingly near water bodies to avoid excess runoff, which can lead to harmful algae blooms and oxygen depletion.

Get Professional Sediment Management Services: Reach out to ENVIROdredge for professional lake and pond dredging services tailored to your water body's specific needs.

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Why Choose ENVIROdredge?

Proven Track Record

Our business and homeowners love us, and for good reason. We've built a reputation for reliability, professionalism, and exceptional service.

Experienced Marine Contractors

Our team is made up of seasoned professionals with years of expertise in lake and pond management.

Comprehensive Solutions

We offer a full spectrum of services to address all your lake and pond management needs, providing a one-stop solution for your project.

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If you’re searching for an Austin, TX, lake dredging company near you, reach out to us today to learn about the safe and effective dredging methods we offer.