Erosion Control and Shoreline Restoration

Erosion, especially shoreline erosion, can have huge environmental impacts and a negative impact on property values, safety, and aesthetics.

At Envirodredge we strive to offer cost effective solutions to erosion control and shoreline restoration. Our goal is to provide long term remedies to ongoing problems by choosing erosion control methods that are best suited for your project, while restoring your land or shoreline in a way that blends to the surrounding environment.

  1. Identifying the existing conditions and causes
  2. Outlining recommended techniques for restoration as well as advantages/disadvantages and probable success rate of each method

Planning for your restoration project should include:

  1. Creating a site plan and budget
  2. Obtaining any permits required

Controlling Erosion

Controlling further erosion will protect property values, water quality, and prolong the need for dredging. Methods that we have used to restore shorelines and control erosion include living shorelines, rock filter dams, concrete matting, geotextile fabrics, grading and rip-rap. We believe there is no one product or method that is superior to all others. Instead, we believe the method and/or product must be chosen with the best results in mind.