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Turnkey Consulting Services

The world of sediment management solutions for the lakes, ponds, rivers, and other water bodies of the United States is a complex one. Depending on the size, scope, and unique environmental factors of your project, there could be a myriad of potential solutions for bringing it to completion. However, without a knowledgeable team on your side with years of experience and successful projects under their belt, you may not reach the finish line on time and under budget.

That’s why ENVIROdredge proudly offers professional turnkey lake and pond consulting services for project owners looking to start a hydraulic dredging project anywhere in the United States. Our team of highly skilled and experienced sediment management professionals can assist you along all phases of the dredging process to ensure a smooth route to completion.


  • Initial project assessment and recommendations
  • Assistance with securing any required permits
  • Pre-dredge surveys
  • Sediment mapping services
  • Project proposals and presentations
  • Budget and allocation recommendations

Regardless of the size of your project, ENVIROdredge is prepared to provide our consulting services and work together with all parties involved to reach a positive outcome for your residential or commercial dredging project. Contact a representative from our team today to enlist our services as a consulting partner on your next project.