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Whether you are a livestock producer or food processor, at some point your wastewater lagoon will have reached max capacity. There will be noticeable mounds of waste/sediment at or just below the water surface in areas throughout and around the edges of the pond. The water will be increasingly shallow, there may be islands of muck or plants consuming much of space, and let’s not forget about the odor. If the sludge build up has become this apparent, it’s definitely time to dredge.

Benefits of the Envirodredge process:

  • No damage to pond liners.
  • No need to take your pond offline while dredging, so no interruption to your daily operation.
  • You can dredge any time. Timing is not dependent on weather or when you need to land apply the waste. We use geotextile dewatering bags. With this method water is immediately filtered back to the lagoon, and waste is contained in the bags to further dewater/dry and consolidate/reduce in volume. Because the waste is contained, there is no risk of it washing away when it rains, and it can remain stored until ready for reuse.
  • Have no use for the dried waste? We can help with final disposal.


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